Antonio R. Lyons is an artist based in Southern California who specializes in Digital Art & Animation. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Antonio began his art journey at an early age, creating his own original characters and homemade comic books.  At the age of 18, shortly after graduating from Henry Ford High School, Antonio desperately had the urge to master his craft and chase after his dreams of becoming a Professional Artist. He took a risk and moved to California where he majored in Animation & Game Art for the Art Institute of CA-LA. Due to financial difficulties, Antonio was unable to complete his college education. Antonio stayed in class and hung around the college trying to learn as much as he could before being forced to end his journey at the Art Institute. That may have been the end of his tenure in college but it wasn't the end of his Art Journey. Antonio continued his education from home, expanding his knowledge with store bought books, online tutorials, and many countless hours of practice. He used whatever he could get his hands on to further his education. He self taught himself Visual Effects which opened many doors and was the beginning of launching his Business, and the start of Afterrealm Creations. Antonio is still expanding his knowledge to this day. He has been fortunate to cross paths with many Directors, Producers, Artists, and Celebrities that has helped and mentored him into becoming the Artist he is today. He's skilled in various art forms including Illustration, Digital Painting, 3D Modeling, Motion Graphics, VFX / Roto Work, Graphic Design, Writing, and Image Manipulation.  I enjoy my work and hope you enjoy the site! 


Antonio R. Lyons


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